Pauly Lama

Pauly Lama

Shamanic Life Guide | Facilitator | Community Builder |Musician |End of Life Doula


Hello and welcome!

My name is Pauly.  I help friends in community RECOVER from and become EMPOWERED by the “ups and downs” of Life’s Journey.  I co-create a world of safe and compassionate community spaces.  So that we can learn from each other’s journey, BELONG to something powerful, and create MEANING for the journey ahead.

I can help you become empowered to create what you need and want for yourself.  By facilitating: Private Indigenous Journeys and sound journey immersions. My beloved partner, Amy, and I do this primarily around the Greater Kansas City area; where I was born and raised.

To aid in the letting go of trauma, and stress we help you relax your body so it can HEAL. Which magnifies our INTENTIONS to receive what we need. We harness the technology of Sound Vibration Therapy from the: Didgeridoo, Crystal Alchemy Bowls, flute, tuning forks, gong, voice, drums and more!  As well as: Indigenous methodologies and supplements, COMMUNITY, breathing techniques, music and more!

It is my honor to be a trusted Life Guide and confidant during such a vulnerable and sacred time in your life. Giving me the opportunity to hold up a “mirror” during your processing. So that you can hear and see your power and innate guidance system to navigate your journey with grace, joy and MORE COMPASSION and understanding for all that is.

If you feel the call to go deeper into your inner work, to understand the REPETITION of stressful patterns in your life, host events and co-create with us.  We invite you to start a conversion, by using our contact form below, and share your story and questions!

Thank you for doing your inner work!





Sound Vibration Therapy in action!

Certifications and Services

Mankind Project Training

The ManKind Project (MKP) is a global brotherhood of nonprofit charitable organizations

Empowers men to missions of service, supporting men to make a difference in the lives of others – men, women, and children around the world. We help men through any transition, men at all levels of success, men facing almost any challenge.

Our flagship training, is described by many as the most powerful men’s training available called the NEW WARRIOR WEEKEND TRAINING ADVENTURE.

Pauly has attended the NWWTA.


Indigenous cultures traditionally live together in an abundant, supportive, and harmonious environment. They incorporate experiential rituals as a way of exploring meaning, consciousness, and a deeper understanding of the stories and narratives that create life.

This is in contrast to our modern-day world where most of us routinely encounter stressful experiences that cause us to doubt ourselves, sacrifice an expression of who we are, and feel isolated or burned-out. This causes neurological, somatic, and behavioral patterns to form that interfere with our ability to create our lives in a meaningful way.

End Of Life Doula

Ascend Hospice End of Life Doula program equips those eager and willing to accompany the dying and their families, through an intensive, practically based model of care, preparing doulas to provide emotional and spiritual support and guidance in the final days of life.

Just as doulas exist to welcome people into life through birth, end of life doulas accompany the dying and their family during the final stages of life. Doulas provide support, education, resources, and companionship to those who are entering the journey into death. Volunteers who spend their time in this role support the dying and their families during their end of life journey.

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