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It is our intention to co-create inclusive, experiential community environments. Where we share indigenous wisdom and applicable methodologies. To navigate and RECOVER from, “The Game of Life”.

In these safe environments we can begin to do our “inner work”.  As we bond with each other and share our story. Our safe, intimate circle; creates a bridge into greater states of relaxation, forgiveness and gratitude.  Thus, trailblazing a path. That holds greater compassion, for the heartaches and trauma. That WILL come up as we progress along our life’s journey.

 We share the rules of the game of life, to become empowered and evolve in two primary environments…

By inviting you to our Flag Ship private group, over night, Experiential Indigenous Journeys. Also, by attending our public sound journey meditations called, “Sounds of Harmony”.  Which includes live music, personal didgeridoo and drum blessing, American Indian flute, crystal bowls and many more unique sounds! If you are interested in hosting or attending our events. Let’s connect and by filling out our contact form!

Thank you for doing your inner work!

Pauly and Amy

Sound healing at its best

Sound healing at its best, Pauly and Amy are amazing!

Dr. Ben Chambers
Axis Chirpractic

This company sees the value in bringing community together

This company sees the value in bringing community together, and I’ve experienced how coming together like this can truly be medicine for the mind, body, and soul!

John Paul, Independence MO

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience at the sound bath. I highly recommend joining in on the experience.

Shauna W.

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